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Eden Acoustics

178 Normand

St.-Eustache ( Quebec ) J7P 1N1


Eden Acoustique was founded in 2012 ans is based in Montreal, Canada. Our goal was to build loudspeakers   that go beyond traditional designs. So a new breed of loudspeakers. Our products use the latest technologies, revolutionary acoustic designs and beautiful craftsmanship. In many ways they are pretty innovative, yet they have one goal never obscuring the spirit of the music being played.  Each Open Air loudspeaker system includes multi - channel digital crossovers ( DSP ), a DAC for each frequency band , and new generation Class D amplifiers to power each driver. No more external preamplifier, nor DAC needed. Just plug-in your computer to the USB Audio Class 2 input and grab your Smartphone to start. 

Eden Acoustics - TOMEI Open Air Loudspeaker - € 00.000,-

Eden Acoustics - TOMEI Bass Unit - € 0.000,-

Eden Acoustics - SAKURA Ultimate AIR Loudspeaker - € 00.000,-

Eden Acoustics - EDGE Living on the Edge - € 00.000,0

Eden Acoustics - Lyra Media Player - € 0.000,-

10 mei 2021