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Important: Given the current developments in the world with COVID 19 we have decided not to list prices for the Magico loudspeakers for the time being, For the current prices refer to the importer - Symphony Audio Import - Jan Coenen the adress is Amsterdamstraat 3 - 2321 Meer Belgium -


Magico A 1 

Magico A 3 

Magico S 1 

Magico A 5 - the new Magico A 5 is a 3 Way - 5 driver floorstanding loudspeaker that sets a new Performance Benchmark with the introduction of Magico's first ever 5 inch midrange driver.

Magico S 3 

Magico S 5 

Magico S 7 

Magico M2 + M 3

Magico M 2 + Mpod 

Magico M 3 + Mpod 

Magico Q 1

Magico Q 7 

Magico Q 7

Magico Q 7 

The New Flagship loudspeaker - Magico M 9 ( this is Ultra High End audio )

Magico Ultimate

Magico Q 7 open construction

Magico home

Magico Q 15 Subwoofer 

Magico A Subwoofer 

Magico AXC Center 

Magico stereo

Magico detail

Magico detail

Magico Q1 op standard

Magico Q1 inside

Magico Q1 on top

Magico Q 1 logo

Stereo by  Magico

Voice coils generally use one of two configurations: Overhung and Underhung. Overhung means the voice coil is longer than the air gap. Underhung means the voice coil is shorter. ( the drawing is not to scale )

28 mei 2021