StereoWise: Loudspeaker - Hungary

Although Hungary is a republic, the coat of arms of the Hungarian Royal Crown bears the Stephen Crown. The history of the Hungarians goes back to about 1000 BC so they can look back on a rich history. The capitol of Hungary is Budapest and there are almost 10 million people living and they call themselves Magyars.

Below you will see a few manufactures of loudspeakers, Art - Design & Sound

Art & Voice Handmade

Budapest - Hungary

some buyers are


Valentino Rossi

Yannick Noa

Etalon Showroom

Patakhegyl Street 11

Budapset - Hungary

Contact: Lázló Sallay

NCS Audio

Örs street 7 B 2 / 8

H - 1183 Budapest - Hungary

for more information about POPORI loudspeakers go to: StereoWise: L.Speaker - Popori Acoustics Kft.

Laszlo Raffai - Audio

Sonido Loudspeakers

Budapest - Hungary

Contact: Istvan Varga

1 February 2022