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Everyone knows the traditional speakers with a treble, midrange and a bass driver. On this page you will find a overview of Electrostatic loudspeakers, in which there is generally a membrane. These are loudspeakers that you have to sit in front of to Experiene the Sound. One of the most famous brands is Martin Logan.

An of course we show you many other manufacturer's of electrostatic speakers for technical specifications go to the website of the brand.  

All Martin Logan speakers begin life at our in house design center in Lawrence, Kansas

Absolute Dimension Oy - Verus

Absolute Dimension Oy - Indigenum

Absolute Dimension Oy - Indigenum

Absolute Dimension Oy - Verus

Absolute Dimension Oy - Indigenum

Abs.Dimension Oy - 

Absolute Dimension Oy - HYPOSTATIC High End loudspeakers

40 Years of Audio Innovation .... After about 40 years. Audiostatic is still one of the most innovative producers of durable full range electrostatic loudspeakers.

Diptyque founded in 2001 by 2 enthusiastic young people Eric Poix and Gilles Douziech in Montauban - France. Each element of the loudspeaker is mounted by hand, magnetostatic loudspeakersnalso known as high-end isodynamic. You can also order very nice textile cloths as a grill for these speakers.

JansZen Electrostatic loudspeakers. Music is the Music, a new electrostatic panel design handmade in Columbus ( Ohio ), you will hear details you have never heard before, no listening fatique occurs. These speakers can be ordered directly from Janszen.

FONICA International designed and made in Italy

Magnepan Model 1.7i

Magnepan Model 7

Magnepan Model 7 

Advanced technology in service of Music reproduction. Because these loudspeakers do not have a cabinet, but only a small frame and the super-thin membrane is simultaneously driven over the entire side surface ( Magnetostaat ), these speakers show an unprecedented, uncolored and transparent sound image.

The American company Magneplanar is the manufacturer of the Magnepan series of Magnetostatic loudspeakers. Characteristic is a very Natural Sound Image. They are similair to the electrostatic loudspeakers, only the operation is slightly different.

Kingsound Model 17  - € 27.500,-

Kingsound Model 31  - € 43.000,-

Kingsound Model 18  - € 18.990,-

Kingsound - Hong Kong. the Magic of Electrostatische luidsprekers.