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As you can see from the pictures above i come from Rotterdam. A great city with very different cultures, many sights and one of the largest ports in the world. But because this is a page for amplifiers that are made in the Netherlands, we show with photos what a great diverse pop culture we have in the Netherlands. The Netherlands was also a great country for pop groups and artists of foreign origin who where unknown and now are international celebrated artists.

KHARMA International 

Kalshoven 7

4825 AL Breda

A large number of visitors to my website have asked me why there is no overview of Dutch amplifier builders, this also applies to Brands of loudspeakers. I have explained to these Audio - Hifi enthusisats that this has to do with the Dutch thrift for a dime to sit in the front row. To show that we also build amplifiers in the Netherlands, I give the first letter of all Brands known to me. If something changes, i will of course display it.





KHARMA International - Breda





9 September 2022