StereoWise: Loudspeaker - DALI - Danish Design

On this page you will find an overview of DALI loudspeakers. To make it easy for you, you will find the most current price list that i could find ( price changes reserved ). at the bottom of this page.

DALI has made quality Hi-Fi loudspeakers since 1983. Designed, developed and produced in Denmark.

DALI Spektor serie: Getting this much Hi-Fi performance from a speaker serie in this price range not only took all of the experience and know-how, but also hours and hours spent in the listerning room.

DALI Spektor 1 bookshelf loudspeaker

DALI Spektor 2  bookshelf loudspeaker

DALI Spektor 6  floorstanding loudspeaker

With the active OBERON C series. DALI presents wireless Hi-Fi that matches equivalent passive systems. Music lovers and Audiophiles no longer have to choose between incredible sound quality and conveniewnt integration.

DALI OBERON 1 C  bookshelf loudspeaker Active

DALI OBERON 7 C  floorstanding loudspeaker Active

DALI OBERON serie: With new oversized tweeters, wide-dispersion wood fibre woofers and a striking Danish cabinet design, DALI OBERON sets a new benchmark for affordable audiophile speakers. It's time to rediscover the magic of music.

DALI OBERON 1 bookshelf loudspeaker

DALI OBERON 3  bookshelf loudspeaker

DALI OBERON 5  floorstanding loudspeaker

DALI OBERON 7  floorstanding loudspeaker

DALI OBERON 9  floorstanding loudspeaker

DALI OPTICON serie: Striking sound that can both soar and soothe is at the heart of the DALI OPTICON range alongside purity of image at any volume, rich deatail and a sweeping soundstage - as always, designed in admiration of music.

DALI OPTICON 1 bookshelf loudspeaker

DALI OPTICON 2  bookshelf loudspeaker

DALI OPTICON 5  floorstanding loudspeaker

DALI OPTICON 6  floorstanding loudspeaker

DALI OPTICON 8  floorstanding loudspeaker

DALI OPTICON MK 2 serie: the OPTICON MK2 loudspeaker range majors on clear undistorted, enyoable and coherent audio - perfectly complementing music, radio, streaming, TV or movie sources.

DALI OPTICON 1 MK2  bookshelf loudspeaker

DALI OPTICON 2 MK2  bookshelf monitor

DALI OPTICON 6 MK2  floorstanding loudspeaker