StereoWise: Loudspeaker - Fink team # Borg

KIM is the latest design, and they say it thereselves the one of which they are most proud. KIM is a small loudspeaker and takes up far less room space than previous models, but KIM delivers music, emotion and scale in a way that's surprising for it's size.

Fink team KIM - € 11.990,-  #  £ 8.900,-  #  $ 12.800,-

Amara Ebony

American Walnut

American Black Cherry

Fink team Borg - € 24.900,-  € 28.900,-  #  £ 21.000,-   #  $ 35.850,-

High Gloss

High Gloss Piano

Savannah Black

White Matt

Amara Ebony

American Black Cherry

Fink team's Borg is a two way floor standing loudspeaker design featuring a 10.25 inch high power mid - bass driver and an Air Motion Transformer ( AMT ) tweeter.