StereoWise: Playlist - Religious

As a person of no Faith and not a visitor to Church or other religious gatherings, i am not familiar with Christian or religious music. lately i"ve had a lot of contact and very good conversations with someone i got to know where she shows me that there is more than just the wordly, that"s why i asked for some help in putting together this special playlist

God has given us different gifts some of us can Sing great, i can't sing but like to listen to good Music so i thought this was a great way to show that music is above else.

The song Set my Love by RICK PINO with the accompanying images of the crucifixion of Jesus left a crushing impression on me visually and musically

RICK PINO - the lord doesn"t see things the way that man sees things.....the lord looks at the heart ( 1 Samuel 16:7 ) RICK PINO is the founder of the heart of david Movement, a modern day "Tabernacle of David"based in Austin, Texas.

The beautiful song - You Raise me Up -   the Celtic Woman or Josh Groban

Gracias Choir and the winner is ?

A while back i was attending a Bible lesson and then someone asked me how i saw God.? I see Him as the father who has a plan for me and is thinking about how He is going to make it clear to me.

Music Tip # Muriel Blijd with Lord You've Been Good To me ( you can find this lady on you tube )

Let Us Pray Together