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Flöjelbergsgatan 18

43137 Mölndal -

Gothenburg - Sweden

On this page you will find an overview of MARTEN loudspeakers. To make it easy for you, you will find the most current price list that i could find ( price changes reserved ). at the bottom of this page.

"Close your eyes, immerse yourself in the Soundstage and here Exactly where each musician is paced in the Orchestra,

Leif Olofsson, Chief Designer.  Our new sound is purer, has higher resolution and is more dynamic. The natural tonal balance of the Coltrane and Mingus series feels softer and more laidback compered to "normal"high end loudspeakers.

Important: With MARTEN it is possible to upgrade your loudspeakers from Ceramic tweeter into Diamond tweeter so there can be a different price, so always ask your dealer fro the right price ( Ceramic / Diamond )

Marten Oscar Duo bookshelf loudspeaker

Marten  Duke 2  bookshelf loudspeaker 

the Outstanding Quality of the Duke 2 is it's exceptionally open and naturel midband,this combines with an incredibly able tweeter to impart a wealth of musical detail that becomes quite transfixing.

Marten Parker Duo - Standing High and Mighty - bookshelf loudspeaker 

Marten Oscar Trio - floorstanding loudspeaker 

Marten Parker Trio - floorstanding loudspeakers 

Marten Parker Quintet - floorstanding loudspeakers 

Marten Miles 5 

Marten Getz 2 

Marten Bird 

About Bird: "Bird 2. delivers a punctual reproduction of music patterns and specifically attractive and big sonic view - a true way to lifetime listening pleasure.

( new ) Marten Mingus Quintet 2  floorstanding loudspeaker