StereoWise: Setup information for Loudspeakers

Note: dear Audio - Hifi enthusiasts there are no fixed rules fot the placement of the loudspeakers, there are a good starting points that can ensure that you optimally enjoy your stereo and the music being played.

As you can see from the top 3 figures. no objects are placed between the speakers and the position where you sit. Remember the following, you are standing at a pond and throw a pebble into the water, on a flat surface you will see a ring-shaped fan of small water waves. If you then have a large object in the water, it will be interrupted.  The same also applies to Sound waves.

In general, the rule of thumb is the placement ot the speakers and the position where you sit forms a triangle with equal sides. Unfortunately, in practice this only works with singles and with people with a separate stereo room.

Important: When placing the speakers is the following, as you can see on the drawn pictures, the speakers are slightly turned in, you can and should experiment with this: This can sometimes make a big difference. There are a number of speakers that you can just straighten out because of their appearance of the sound

In a normal living room there is often a somewhat poorer or even bad acoustics. This can make the sound less pleasant.Suppose you have decorated a beautiful house, but only hard furniture and floors. I don't have to tell you that even the most expensive stereo combination is dissapointing.

With a hard surface, such as laminate or floor tiles, consider the possibility of placing carpet between your listening position and the speakers. Also almost all loudspeakers can and nowadays have this as a standard with spikes. Loudspeakers and spikes generally also provide a somewhat tighter bass reproduction

Also an inportant factor is the following: Loudspeaker manufacturers pay a lot of attention to the construction, sound and electronics of their loudspeakers. What is often forgotten by buyers is that many of these have to be responded to. This can take a few weeks and you will experience that the sound from your speakers will sound better.


6 september 2021