StereoWise: Facts

It is Generally stated that the Human Ear is capable of sensing frequencies from 20 Hertz to 20 kHz ( Provided the sound level is louder than the hearing tresshold )

SoundPressure Level: Measured in decibels indicates the pressure which the sound waves reach the eardrum The higher the value. the louder the tone will sound. The lower treshold is 0 dB - the lower limit of the audible. If something is softer than 0 dB the Humans simply cannot perceive it.

The Hearing Treshold: is the lowest sound pessure at which a person can still perceive a sound, the softest line that a person can hear.

The Range between 500 - an 4.000 Hertz is perceived as particularly pleasant. Human langauage or music also moves between these values. Depending at the Volume


The Ear: the ear is an organ that receives soundwaves, which the brains will experience as sound. In other words, the human hearing does not only consist of your ears. Your brains are playing a key role in what you are hearing. The interpretation that they provide of the music you are listening to cannot be analysed by measuring equipment. Listening is the only way to convince yourself of the right choose.

As an Audio - Stereo enthusiast you may be interested in how Sound reaches your ears, so i refer you to Hifi - Klubben. They have a perfect explanation of how loudspeakers produce this.

Ultrasonic Sound: This area can be heard by Bats, Dolphins, Dogs and a few other animals, among others.Dolphins can also communicate through ultrasonic sounds. What is special that the Scarlet Warbler  ( vermivera chryseptera ) can hear Infrasonic Sounds ( Storm Sounds ), so they can fly away before the storm reaches the.

Important: With a loudspeaker we have to deal with a number of specific aspects.

1. Frequencies - are generally between - 35 Hertz - 25.000 kHz.

2. Decibel dB - are generally between - 85 - 94 dB.

3. Power Amplifier - this is often referred as recommanded amplifier power 35 - 150 Watt. # Keep in mind that you often see speakers with a recommanded amplifier 30 - 150 Watt, but that some loudspeakers do not have enough of this and often need more power to drive and control the speaker properly, rather more power than less.

4. Knowledge Hifi Specialist: He ( She ), can show you the right choice because you cannot assume that the best amplifier with the best loudspeaker on the market is also the best combination

On the right you see an image of 2 birds, each in their own way indicating the impact of loudness, the bird that chirps and the screeching of the angry almost tyrannical bird that produces the sound with a raised voice.

At a Pianoconcert and vocal music we will appreciate the sound produced with panache. At a Rockconcert we like to be feted on the raw character. With the right choice of loudspeaker you will experience what a musical experience this is

Different Ears for Different Music


StereoWise - Believes that the Audio - Hifi enthusiast is also kept informed if there are fun things to report. We think this is at least the following, especially for Vinyl fanatics.

Turntable VPI - Vanguish -  $150.000,-  Converted to Euros including taxes and import duties + shipping, this will amount to approximately € 175.000,-

Of course VPI also makes record cleaners VPI HW 16.5 € 1.090,- en de VPI MW 1 - € 1.895,-

Robert Stein Audio Desk - Harry Weisfeld VPI - Charles Kirmus Kirmus Audio - Kevin Berry Nitti Gritty - Steve Niemi Pangea Audio

Nice to see an overview of how a record cleaner works the Pangea Doctor Vi - $ 300,- ( € 425,- )

Compliments for NAGRA Swizterland for the perfect story about Emil Berliner, have fun by reading this little article.

In 1887 Emil Berliner invented the Gramophone, the mechanical predecessor to the electric record player later, with the shellac record, he developed a medium that allowed muscic recording to be mass produced. Berliner set up his Montreal Headquarter    in 1900. On Juli 16 th 1900 Emil Berliner registered the Trademark for his company "NIPPER" the dog listening to a Gramophone. The painter Francis Barraud created this image which was used for more than 70 years. This Trademark first appeared in Montreal on the track of record # 402 "Hello My Baby"by Frank Banda. Berliner produced 2.000 records during his first year of operating in Montreal, in 1901 he sold more than 2 million records. 

I don't think that Emil Berliner 120 years ago would have believed the level of Quality of the Vinyl Playback System and Phonostages of today. The realistic sound of his inventions bring pure emotion and felling to the listener.

AUDIOPHILE: If you are an Audiophile and enthusiastic lover of music who is toying with the idea of tapping into the realism of Music Streaming, be aware that the Quality of setting up your LAN Network is just as important as setting up a High - End Audio Network itself.

Loudspeaker Response Time: Important to know after purchasing your loudspeakers and placing them in your room, the first sound experience will come from your new speakers. Keep in Mind that the Sound will probably not be optimal right away as some speakers need a certain respons time that can vary from 20 - 200 hours before they have reached their actual potential, very good tools are available for this such as below.

The Elipson ultimate technical record is a 180g disc pressed in France and developed to help optimize your turntable's performance.

The Elipson ulitmate CD was developed by audio - engineers to run in and optimize loudspeakers as well the electronics components of a Hi - Fi system.

And there is always the possibility to use a headphone

6 september 2021