StereoWise: Sound - Music Instruments

SOUND: As an Audiophile, we have a problem. How should something sound, what is the right sound? This is just as difficult to determine as the question how a Strawberry should taste. We are therefore often tempted to listen to Audio - Hifi specialists because they will know!  You can become a better listener and for that you only have to do One thing and that is attend concerts, preferably in small halls, so that you can get a good impression of Vocals and Instruments.

Technical Listening also called analytical listening, is the practice of evaluating the quality and persuasiveness of Audio Equipment through careful listening.  Listening to sound technically is very different from listening to music for Fun and Relaxation.  The goal in critical listening is not primarily to undergo the musical experience, but to determine whether a system or component sounds or performs well and less well and which specific characteristics of the sound are decisive for this.

Evaluation of Audio Equipment with the help of hearing is essential, the mechanism of Human Hearing is often more sensitive and complex than the most advanced testing equipment currently available.

I also want to give you an overview of the most common instruments in making of traditional music, remenber that all instruments separably have their own sound, but because artists and orchestra leader have made an arrangement of them, these instruments together have a very nice composition..

B.B. King

Blues Guitar

David Gilmour

Electric Guitar

Joe Bonamassa

Electric Guitar

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Electric Guitar

Carlos Santana

Electric Guitar

Jimi Hendrix

Electric Guitar

Paco di Lucia

Classical Guitar

Bass Guitar

Classical Guitar

Electric Guitar

The lowest note playable on a Bass Guitar or Double Bass is around 41 hz.

Candy Dulfer

Alt Sax


Alt Sax

Dexter Gordon

Tenor Sax

Kenny G

Sopran Sax

Gerry Mulligan

Bariton Sax

Buddy Rich

Sheila E

Cesar Zuiderwijk

Phil Collins

A Piano goes to 27.5 Hz. but composers rarely require a Pianist to play anything below Bottom F and that has a frewquency of 43 Hz.