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Canada is a country that covers a large part of the north of North America, Canada is the second Largest Country in the world in terms of area. Since 1982 Canada has ruled independently and indenpendently of the United Kingdom as a parlimentary constitutional monarchy. Contrary to popular belief not Toronto but Ottawa has been the capital city of Canada since 1857.  RCMP the Royal Canadian Mountain Police has more than 28.000 members and among themselves the Mounties usually call their corps "the Force"and the officers are simply called members.

The varied landscape and the assearated variyng temperatures present many challenges, the country is ideal for varoius sports. But as an Audiophile you are also interested in the following Audio - Hifi companies that are among the best in the world, Below an overview to start with.

James Tanner the new CEO of Bryston

Classe is an trademark of Sound United

DYNACO - DYNACO is a Trademark of Radial Engineering Ltd.

Eon Art Canada Inc.

79 Rue Commerciale Ouest

Chandler,QC COC iKO - Canada

Contact: Mr. Stéphane Hautcoeur CEO