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Music from Idea to Recording:

A few concepts to understand what happens before you, as an Audio - Hifi enthusiast, can listen to the piece of music created by the Artist or Band. A Studio technician ensures that the performance of an artist or band is recorded as well as possible. A Producer together with the artist or band, puts the finishing touches in the arrangement and determines what kind of sound the whole should have. The Mixing engineer receives the recordings of all separate instruments. It is up to him or her to make a whole of all these separate tracks. The Mastering engineer is the last step before the final product reaches the listener.

A Recording Studio: Consists of many parts, almost all music is now recorded with the help of a DAW ( Digital Audio Workstation ). Very important are the loudspeakers in a recording studio. On this page you will get an overview of a large number of brands of professional monitor speakers that are used. A number of these brands have speakers that also fit perfectly in a Stereo setup in your living room.

The Main Difference between Hifi - Studio monitors is that most Studio monitors are Active, having the amplifiers built in, So you can plug any line-level device straight into the back of the speakers. This could be a streaming player, CD player, Phone / Tablet, Preamplifier or any other playback device that is not an amplified signal.

When purchasing these type of speakers, it is wise to be properly informed by specialists who know their business. A specialist in this field in the Netherlands is Bax Music Shop.

BAX Music Shop:

Keep in mind: that these are target prices and can deviate at the time of the purchase perhaps due to offers on exchange rate changes of pound and dollars. ( all the prices are for a pair of loudspeakers ).

ADAM S 5 V Active - € 10.972,- / size 390 x 698 x 520 - 52 kg /  Designed for medium-sized and larger studio control room The S 5 V main monitor offers all the raw power studio professionals would expect, from a reference speaker of this class.  A Class D 700 W amplifier drives the S 5 V bass unit, with further Class D designs providing 300 W and 100 W to the DCH mid and S - art treble drivers respectively.

Amphion Model Two 18 - € 5.400,-  / size 191 x 550 x 305 - 18,0 kg  /  the Amphion Two 18 is a 2 way passive monitor with a 1 inch titanium dome tweeter, dual 6.5 inch aluminium woofer, a passive radiator for controlled bass, and a high density corian waveguide for wide dispersion and phase coherent point source performer.

BAREFOOT - Sounds Footprint line of powered nearfield monitors deleivers the company;s uncompromissing audio - preformance and build quality to engineers, producers, composers and musicians. price - € 4.550, - ( USD. 3.950,- )

HEDD Type 07 - € 1.300,-  / size 220 x 370 x 300 - 2 Way - 2 x 100 Watt Class D ICE Amplification

HEDD Type 20 - € 3.400,-  / size 358 x 280 x 338 - 3 Way - 3 x 300 Watt Class D ICE Amplification

NEUMAN KH 402 - € 8.200,-  / size 330 x 645 x 444 - 35 kg. 3 Way Analog speaker AB Amplification 140 + 140 + 330 Watt

O.S. Acoustics DB 7 - € 3.330,-  / size 208 x 403 x 437 - 11,8 kg  / The DB 7 is a 2 way active studio monitor that offers exceptional frequency response and time domain coherency, Ultra - rigid, high - fidelity drive units operate in pistonic motion throughout the working frequency range, lowering distortion and maintaining harmonic purity. Powered by the best Class D amplifiers on the market  ( 150 W + 500 W ).offering unequalled sonic performance and huge power reserves the DB 7 delivers a breathaking performance that is clean, dynamic, open and articulate.

O.S Acoustics DBS 8 - € 5.550,-  / size 000 x 000 x 000 - 00.0 kg  / the DBS 8 is a 2 way active studio monitor, sealed MTM, the O.S Acoustics DBS 8 is an ultra high definition reference studio monitor, with minimal frequency or time main distortion. Meticulously designed to obtain the best possible performance from exotic materials and best in class components. The DBS 8 has all the halmarks of the BD 7, then takes things to the next level. The result is an effortless performance where the speaker melts away to reveal on impressius sound stage with an exceptional level of realism. With Advanced DSP, dual voiced with 8 presets.

Ocean Way Pro2A Reference Monitor - € 4.450,-  / 250 Watts / side 2 way self powered with Digital& Analog inputs, acceply 24 bit / 192 kHz data stream. Pro2A is a nearfield reference monitor that achievs effeicient distortion, free dynamic range in an aesthetically appealing trapezoidal profile.

Ocean Way HR 3.5 Reference Monitor - € 23.150,-  / size 445 x 1093 x 648 - /  the Big Ocean Way audio monitor yoy always wanted. 1 inch HF driver, 8 inch LF mechanically time aligned with twin 12 inch Sub Bass drivers. 3400 W / Channel P.Power

PSI Audio A 25 M Active - € 8.598,-  / size 320 x 590 x 380 - 26,0 kg - Power 170 + 80 + 50 Watt this loudspeaker is 100 % Analog - No DSP.  The pinnacle of current PSI Audio System development, the A 25 M main / mid-field reference monitor features a staggering precision of + / - 1.5 dB tolerance between 38 Hz and 20 kHz. The tweeter unit is handcrafted inhouse in order to ensure performance and accuracy. These highly optimised feature make the A 25 M unique. A true reference speaker for Stereo and Surround Sound applications where ultimate precision is required.

1 november 2020