StereoWise: Amplifier - Infigo Audio Inc.

CEO Founder Hans Looman

Infigo Audio Inc. is a canadian company that designs and manufactures high end audio equipment. they pride themselves in using the highest quality materials and production processes, locally sourced, where possible, in British Columbia, Canada

High End Digital to Analog Converter - the Method 4

the Method 4 feels at home with any type of music you trow at it, from Bach to Infected Mushroom. Breathaking dynamics will have you at the tip of your chair, staying natural at all times

Aesthetics are important too: the method 4 comes in Silver, Gold or Black, or a combination therof, such as a version in Gold with Black heatsinks.

the Method 4 is the Ultimate companion to directly drive a set of Method 3 amplifiers, effectively eliminating the need of a Preamplifier, the 32 Bit audio path with Digital Volume Control ensures preservation of the smallest of details at all levels of playback.

the Method 3 - Class A Mono Block Amplifier

the Method 3 Class A Mono Block Amplifier - 250 Watt RMS Class A in 4 Ohm

Infigo Audio USB Cable

Infigo Audio RCA Cable

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Infigo Audio Speaker Cable

8 November 2021