StereoWise: Amplifier - Audial

Audial Integrated Amplifier A 20 - € 1.250 ,-  #  With 20 Watts and the ability to drive 4 Ohm or higher loudspeaker impedances, the A 20 is made to fit most home loudspeakers and systems.

the A 20 is a linear amplifier based on a digitally controlled resistive network potentiometer chip and power opamp output stage, and it employs high quality supply and parts, including Audial made pure copper binding posts, to develop an impressive performance.

Audial S 5 Da Converter - € 2.200,-  #  Designed on the principles and standards set with previous Audial S DAC's , the S 5 takes another step forward, bringing the highest resolution and precision, in a delightful way.

14 December 2021