StereoWise: Amplifier - Engström


St.Petri Kyrkogata 10

SE -222 21 Lund - Sweden

Timo Engström - CEO & Designer

Lars Engström - CEO & Chief Engineer

Founded 2008 - by Engineer Lars Engström and Industrial Designer Timo Engström. Engström is a Swedish family company seeking to revive sound in its original, natural, purist form. Hand assembled, with an uncompromising approach to precision engineering and Scandinavian design.Engstróm high - end amplifiers are among the very best in the world.

Named after a famous Swedish Jazz musician, ARNE is the distallation of all their technical and musical experience to date. It is a fully balanced 300 B Integrated Stereo Amplifier, and a significant step in making the Scandinavian Sound accessible to a wider audience of music - lovers.

Engström Arne  Stereo Integrated Amplifier - € 32.700,-  #  £ 27.950,-  #  2 x 30 W per channel

Named after one of the favorite Swedish singers, MONICA is a fully balanced and perpectly matching Preamplifier for the ARNE, LARS and ERIC. MONICA is controlled through their own mobile app, so you don't need to add another remote to your table

Engström Monica - Preamplifier  - € 53.765,-  #  £ 45.950,-  #  $ 60.000,-

Named after a great Swedish choir conducteur, ERIC is the no-comptimise statement power amplifier by Lars Engstöm. Created to drive even the thoughest loads, it's a fully balanced and transformer - coupled, all the way from input to output, except between gain stage and driver stage. ERIC uses separate power supplies for input and output stages as DC filaments. Weighting in               at 65 Kg per monoblock, it is an industry heavyweight in both size and sound.

Engström Eric - Mono Power Amplifier - € 160.250,-  #  £ 136.950,-  #  70 W per channel 

Named after the company's CEO - founder Lars Engström , LARS is the original and critically acclaimed power amplifier, Each unit features the World's best components and matereials, hand selected by Lars himself, alongside their own custom parts.

Engström Lars - Mono Power Amplifier - € 69.725,-  #  £ 59.590,-  #  36 W per channel