StereoWise: Loudspeakers - STEINWAY LYNGDORF

Steinway Lyngdorf: Since 2005, Steinway Lyngdorf has been the Pinnacle of the Audio industry.Our name is,and always has been, Synonymous with impeccable Craftmanship and 21st Century Technologies. Steinway Lyngdorf Sound Systems are the only system in the World that are Qualified to be Manufactured in partnership with Steinway & Sons.

STEINWAY LYNGDORF Model A ( new model ). - € 00.000,-  #  £ 00.000,-

STEINWAY LYNGDORF Model S -15 - € 37.660,-  #  £ 32.185,-

Petite and innovative ambience anhancing loudspeaker

the Model S - 15 is an incredible powerful speaker recognized with numerous awards and accolades , making it the clear choice for those seeking perfection at a competitive price point.

STEINWAY LYNGDORF Model B loudspeakers - € 150.915,-  #  £ 128.985,-

STEINWAY LYNGDORF Model O - € 35.665,-  #   £ 30.480,-  # this full range loudspeaker is designed to provide the legendary Steinway & Sons performance in a small package withou the need for a separate woofer.  The Steinways & Sons Model O functions impeccable as a surround speaker or a simple stereo setup, and its small footprint makes it a perfect alternative to wall mounted speakers.

STEINWAY LYNGDORF Model D - € 327.545,-  # £ 279.950,-  # the Model D is a full range floor - standing dipole loudspeaker which emits sound from both front and back. Unrestricted by the vibrations of conventional cabinets, it interacts with the room like a Steinway & Sons grand piano does, resulting in extremely open and life - like musicality with no resonance and no coloration.