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On this page i started to display Audio - Hifi Stereosets compiled by retailers ( Audio - Hifi Stores ). I do not judge wether it is a good or bad combination. It is the choice of the retailer. What i do is the best possible representation of the Audio - Hifi components and the price for the complete set. Be Aware that this price may vary due to when you want to buy the set and trough an offer by the Hifi shop. You will see a code ( 0000 ) if you want to know the name of the shop, send an email.

The code of this shop is ( 0001 ) Okay, a short overview, loudspeakers are the Bowers & Wilkins 803 D 3 - the amplifier is the wonderfull Accuphase E - 800 with the Accuphase DP-430 CD player, + some cables of Audio Quest and a Monsoon powerchord this set will be yours for around € 40.750,- 

The code of the shop is ( 0002 ) The loudspeakers are the Bowers & Wilkins 702 Signature in combination with the Integrated Stereo Amplifier Rotel RA 1592 for Streming Audio Auralic Aries G 1 with cables from Audio Quest. This set wil be yours for around € 12.900,-  When we make this combination with Rotel Michi P 5 & S 5 then the price will be around € 22.250,-

Stenheim Reference Ultimate + CH - Precision + MSB Select DAC - Small system is a combination of Enigma Acoustics Mythology M1 + Ypsilon Phaeton + Mergin Nadac + Mergin Power, Cables Audioquest Dragon.

Shenzhen - High End System

Audio Hifi Showroom - Thrax Lyra loudspeakers + Thrax Libra Preamplifier + Thrax Spartacus Mono Power Amplifier

5 juli 2021