StereoWise: Direct Sales

What we show on this page are a number of companies that sell directly to you as a customer. without the middlemen. You as a customer can save a significant amount of money. you can buy a product at a lower price, you have to arrange everything yourself and you cannot fall back on the knowledge from the Audio - Hifi Specialist. This is worth considering for Audio - Hifi enthusiasts who know exactly what they want. Keep in mind that if you buy products that fall outside the European Union, there are additional costs such as import duties, taxes, exchange rates, and sometimes also handling costs buy custom or transport.

In the last years, the emergence of the internet as an Information and Sales tool has reached incredible volume, which is also detected in the segment of Audio - Hifi ( video ) equipment.


In my working life i worked as a seller of, among other things, very luxurious products. And one of the most important things when selling is to speek the language of the buyer ( target audience ) If you don't understand what the customer want, you have a problem. 

3 Very important rules that should never be forgetten; Be honest with your customers, always keep your promises and don't promise anything you can't keep.

Knowledge; By training and following courses and experience, you as a seller have all the necessary knowledge to be the right discussion partner for your customer. When you master this, you gain success and appreciation from both customer and employers. As an Audio - Hifi specialist you are the added value and ensure that the store is a success.

Research has shown that there are a number of aspects that will make the customer choose to buy from a store, so one must ensure a physically , very attractive store, good presentation, attractive seats, coffe, thee, small refreshments and good demonstrations.Be exclusive and ensure that the customer is helped by one seller, also ensure Perfect After Sales.

Reviews at Audio - Hifi magazines are written by journalists or are offerd ready made by the manufacture. As a customer you also understand that these are almost and always very Positive messages.

I recently read an article in which a reviewer wrote that it was a blunder to bring your own music to the store. I completely agree with him, but then listen to the music you know via a Audio - Streaming service. Audio - Hifi sellers are trained to match the right pieces of music to the right Stereoset.

In the same article there was the opinion that buying from an Audio - Hifi store is a different experience then swiping a mouse trough fifty speakers on a screen. Of course it is different that no one can deny. But if you have a certain budget and have seen in advance through a good website such as StereoWise what there is for sale, the decision will be easier.

Very Important; What you have to ask yourself is the following, why do all those physical stores have all there products listed on the interner and do they work with the possibility to buy products directly from their own website???

6 september 2021