StereoWise: Loudspeaker - DIAPASON

DIAPASON by Sound Cent. di Schiavi A.

via Fura 40 - 25125 Brescia - Italy         

Contact: Chiara Galinotti

export & marketing manager


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DIAPASON speakers can be played with many different type of amplifiers

Karis Wave - Monitor loudspeaker - Price p.pair + stands - € 12.500,-

Karis Wave an original work of art resulting from an encounter between the genius Alessandro Schiavi, the founder and designer of DIAPASON speakers and the artist Antonio Comimi. 

Almost every loudspeakers of DIAPASON is made of Solid Wood - so it all start with something simple like Wood.

Astera - Monitor loudspeaker - Price p.pair - € 8.900 -  # Price + Standard - € 10.490,- /  in Gold,Silver,Copper leaf - € 9.900,- 

Dynamis - loudspeaker - Price p.pair - € 46.000,- / Price p.pair in Gold,Silver,Copper leaf or Piano Black - € 51.000,-

Dynamis - Pure Art - Sophistication, Beauty, Originality, attention to detail, quality materials and finish made Dynamis an example of Italian manufacturing ex