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On this page you will find an overview of MONITOR AUDIO loudspeakers. To make it easy for you, you will find the most current price list that i could find ( price changes reserved ). at the bottom of this page.

Bookshelf Loudspeakers: Are equally at home in a 5.1 system or a stereo system, They'll deliver great sound from a shelf or stand and many will also have the option of wall mounting.

the compact Monitor 50 is designed to be placed in a bookshelf environment and they deliver a surprisingly powerful performance for such small loudspeakers.

Monitor Audio - Monitor 50 

the Monitor 100 is a handsome loudspeaker designed to be placed on a bookshelf or mounted on a stand. With their Black Bass  driver cones and Black C-Cam tweeters, they delight both the eyes and the ears.

Monitor Audio - Monitor 100 

the Monitor Audio Bronze 50 bookshelf loudspeaker is the most compact model in the series and delivers a size-defying audio performance

Monitor Audio - Bronze 50 

the Monitor Audio Bronze 100 loudspeakers are the natural step up from the Bronze 50's and feature larger cabinet and renowned Monitor Audio speaker construction to give a larger and more compelling performance.

Monitor Audio - Bronze 100 

Monitor Audio - Silver 50 7G 

Monitor Audio - Silver 100 7G 

the Monitor Audio Gold 100 loudspeaker has been carefully designed so that it can be placed in smaller rooms, the class-leading driver technology fron the flagship Platinum II series and the beautiful cabinet construction ensure a premium sound and appearance wherever it is positioned.

Monitor Audio - Gold 100 

All the wonder of Platinum II's crystal clear tonal precision is concentrated by this beautiful little two - way loudspeakers comprising a single 6.5"RDT II mid-bass driver and MPD tweeter.

Monitor Audio-Platinum PL100 II 

Floorstanding Loudspeakers - For a Powerful Sound, floorstanding loudspeakers are ideal, their increased size gives them deeper bass response than Bookshelf or Standmount speakers, and allows them to fill a larger room easily.

Monitor Audio - Monitor 200 

Monitor Audio - Monitor 300