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Cessaro GmbH

Zeil 7

D - 35625 Hüttenberg - Duitsland


Cessaro Horn Acoustics luidsprekers: From idealist for idealists. We create bespoke Horn speakers, Masterpieces with exclusive technique and exceptional workmanship. We evolve the established Horn speaker concept to an incredible new level. Let yourself be convinced by the extra ordinairy and unique attribute of our product lines and the specifies of our manufacture pieces.

Cessaro : Listen and you will hear.

All prices below are target prices and may deviate from the final price, this is due to the various options for finishing, different color other wood type.

Cessaro Wagner I  - € 57.390,-

Cessaro Listzt II - € 168.420,-

Cess. Beethoven II F4 - € 426.665,-


Cessaro Alpha II - € 93.000,-

Cessaro Beta 0.5 II                    - € 162.185,-

Cessaro Beta II- € 223.320,-

Cessaro Gamma II                     € 552.670,-


A new start for a wider range of music lovers to move intho the Cessaro world


Our Module Line speaker systerm Alpha has been in production for more than 10 years. It was time to update the Line into the    III series to reach a new level of listening expreience

CESSARO Alpha III series - € 134.750,-

CESSARO HORN ACOUSTICS - ART DECO line - Quand Le Meuble Devient Sculpture

Cessaro Art Deco - € 72.360,-  #  Cessaro presents a one of a kind product from the unique program

The CESSARO C 1 - All in One solution, you just need a digital or analog source. The C 1 is not only a loudspeaker, the C 1 is a complete audio solution with an active floorstanding loudspeaker with original piano laquer, including a DSP crossover and a separate DAC- preamplifier with 192 Khz / 24 Bit. The full audiosystem will be delivered including cables, so the only thing required for use is a source ( CD-transport, Streaming or Analog sources like for example a turntable ).

Cessaro C I -- € 84.8500,-

CESSARO OMEGA II - € 00.000,-

Cessaro Air One supreme preamp - € 65.500,-

Cessaro Air Two - unrivaled real sound - € 273.215,-

CESSARO HORN ACOUSTICS - Omega I  - € 1.191.420,-

Cessaro - overview different speakers

Cessaro - overview different wood veneer

Cessaro - overview different speaker parts

CESSARO SERVICE: After purchasing a Cessaro Horn System from one of our distribution partners you can lean back, relax and look forward to your new State of the Art speakers. In case of our Bigger System Cessaro will be Personally available deliver and install and adjust your new Gem, until the Optimal Sound in your Home is archieved.

 14 september 2021