StereoWise: Brands of Turntables

Turntables: Are the stage and the passion of the performers out to express the magic of their recording technique cast into records. There was a time when the end of the old - fashioned LP ( Vinyl record ) was in sight with the rise of the modern CD, yet the LP is back and is particlarly well appreciated by Real Music Lovers! Partly because of this, there is a wide range of different turntables available, from simple to high - end with only one goal, Listening to Pure Sound.

Acoustic Signature Maximus Neo - € 5.850,-

NEO Montana - € 25.900,-

NEO Invictus - € 155.000,-

Acoustic Solid  Wood Black turntables the price - € 3.500,-

Analog Manufature Germany


AT - LP 7 - US.Dollar  799,-



Bergmann Audio

Sjaellandsvej 27 A

9500 Hobro - Denmark



Info: Johnnie Bergmann Rasmussen


Above the new Burmester 217

Cambridge Audio Alva - € 1.660,-