StereoWise nice that you take a look on StereoWise.

On this site i try to give the widest possible overview of all Loudspeakers & Amplifiers that are for sale. If you look at Brands of loudspeakers or amplifiers, you will come across all the Logos out there. If you have any question about a particular loudspeaker or amplifier after visiting this site, Do not hasitate to ask questions. In my database i have almost all loudspeakers and amplifiers that are for sale or can be found, products that are no longer made are left out.

You will come across loudspeakers and amplifiers on this site that you have probably never heard of, I am sure you will appreciate them. 

I am not going to sell you anything for that are the Audio - Hifi shops. I do everything possible to answer youre questions as quickly and correctly as possible. Have Fun on my site.... Dick Hoogstadt