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According to the constitution , no Swiss city can call itself the Capital of Switserland. Bern calls itself the Federal City because the Government is based there. Swiss are modest in their daily dealings and very polite they like to meet outdoors, above you see some of the Swiss products and they don't have a problem to sell them because they speak 4 languages German, Frecnh, Italian and Romanesque. We now limit ourselves to an overview of Loudspeaker Manufacturers.

CH - Precision

ZI le Trési 6 D

1028 Préverenges 0 Switserland

Contact: Florian Cossy CEO

darTZeel Audio SA

2 chemin Louis - Hubert

CH - 1213 Petit - Lancy / Genéve

Contact: Hervé Delétraz


Manufacture Le Son

FM ACOUSTICS Audiophile Products

Goldmund - Goldmund Telos 3300 NEXTGEN mono power amplifier - now in black matte

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