StereoWise: Loudspeaker - Raidho Acoustics

Riadho Acoustics X / XT series

Raidho X1 / XT 1 loudspeaker - € 5.200,-  #  € 5.600,-

the Raidho Acoustics X1 loudspeaker , is a elegant and compact sized stand mount mini monitor

Raidho X2 / XT 2 loudspeaker - € 12.900,-  #  € 15.900,-

The Raidho Acoustics X2 one of the best efforts, spend a few hours in the company of these loudspeaker and get seduced into a musical landscape of the greatest intensity.

Raidho X3 / XT 3 loudspeaker - € 24.000,-

the Raidho Acoustics X3 is a 2.5 Way loudspeaker design. The X3 is equipped with four dedicated 4-inch ceramic mid-bass drivers and one 8-inch side mounted bass-driver.

Raidho X5  / XT5 loudspeaker - € 26.900,-  #  € Esdoorn Burl - € 31.500,-

The brilliant simplicity of the ribbon tweeter , the astonishing dynamic capability of the Ceramic unit. The X5 serie uses the latest devolpment of both, but the bass and mid drivers offer a step change in performance ( over previous vewrsions ).

Raidho Acoustics C series

Raidho C1.2 loudspeaker - € 14.000,-  #  Walnut Burl - € 16.000,-

The Raidho Acoustics C1.2 is the smallest loudspeaker in the C serie

Raidho C2.2 loudspeaker - € 22.500,-  #  Walnut Burl - € 27.000,-

The Raidho Acoustics C2.2 is a 2.5 Way floorstanding loudspeaker. It is built with the same unique qualities as the C1.2, but with a somewhat larger cabinet and an additional Raidho Ceramic driver.

Raidho C3.2 loudspeaker - € 34.000,-  #  € Walnut Burl - € 40.000,-

The Raidho Acoustics C3.2 is a true 3 Way loudspeaker design. It is built with a dedicated Raidho Ceramic mid - range driver and three Raidho Ceramic woofers, which are paired up with the Raidho Ribbon tweeter.

Raidho Acoustics D serie

Raidho D5.1 loudspeaker - € 200.000,-  #  Walnut Burl - € 225.000,-

The Raidho Acoustics D5.1 - is a true 3 Way Raidho Diamond driver loudspeaker. It has two dedicated 115 mm Diamond mid - range and four 8 inch Diamond bass drivers.

Raidho Acoustics TD serie

Raidho TD1.2 loudspeaker - € 20.500,-  # Walnut Burl - € 22.900,- The Raidho TD1.2 takes sound reproduction to a whole new level

Raidho TD2.2 loudspeaker - € 39.500,-  #  Walnut Burl - € 43.500,-   A 2.5 Way loudspeaker with new drivers and the updated          TD ribbon - tweeter.

Raidho TD3.2 loudspeaker - € 58.500,-   #  Walnut Burl - € 65.000,-   #  The new TD3.2 loudspeaker is capable of delivering a huge Soundstage with Authentic and Organic Sound that really captures the listener. A true 3 Way design built upon the new drivers including the 5 inch midrange driver used in the TD3.8 and the updated TD Ribbon tweeter.

Raidho TD3.8 loudspeaker - € 88.000,-  #  €  Walnut Burl - € 99.900,-  #  $ 99.000,-  /  $ 111.000,-

The Raidho TD3.8 is an absolute beast and a dream of a loudspeaker, this loudspeaker was born out of demand for a speaker with bigger drivers, with the passion of Raidho for taking it to the next level.

Raidho TD4.2 loudspeaker - € 107.000,-  #  Walnut Burl - € 125.000,-   # The Raidho TD4.2 is carrying on the beautiful design, the TD4.2 has moved on to another level, introducing the acclaimed Tantalum - Diamond drivers and the updated Ribbon tweeter. One of the best tweeter in the world.

Raidho TD4.8 loudspeaker - € 134.000,-  #  Walnut Burl - € 149.900,-

Raidho Acoustics TD4.8 loudspeaker is the Flagship speaker. Built in a Stunning Scandinavian Design that will fit all rooms. This tall loudspeaker is designed as a full - range speaker using the in-house made tantalum - Diamond drivers with no - less than            6 bass drivers and 2 midrange drivers.

What is often forgotten that these loudspeakers and also other brands are made by people who are often highly skilled in their field, think of the complicated electronics, or the processing of all the wood or other materials when manufacturing a loudspeaker. In addition, these are often people with a huge love for Audio - Hifi and Music. Keep this in mind when you listen to make a choice for your new loudspeaker ( or other equipment ).

On the bottom of the audio - rack you will see the Modwright integrated amplifier ( U.S.A. )

20 september 2021