StereoWise: Audio Hifi Shows -Events - 2022.

Hello to all Audio - Hifi enthusiasts and Manufacturers, below you will find an overview of the current planned Audio - Hifi Shows as far as i know. Let's assume that due to the declining COVID 19 figures and the positive outlook with it, everything will continue. Can we finally enjoy all the beauty of Audio - Hifi again, Have Fun - Dick Hoogstadt ( StereoWise ).

The Dutch Audio Event from 8 - 9 October 2022 will take place at Koningshof, Locht 117 at Veldhoven

Place to Be is the Willem II Stadion in Tilburg, Free entrance and Free transport from the train station to the stadium, Where can you still find this in this time where everyone is always asking for money?

The High End Audio Hifi Show 2021, planned to take place in Munich from September 9 - 12 - 2021 had now been moved to May 2022 due to the ongoing impact of the COVID 19 pandemie. The High End Society Service GmbH reached this decision after a reassessment of the current  situation and in close cooperation with the board of the High End Society e.v.

New Data: May 19 - 22 - 2022 - MOC Event Center in Munich

New Hifi Show of the High end Society: - Dorint Kongresshotel, Dusseldorf - NEUSS, 11 - 12 Juni start at 10.00 hour

New Hifi Show of the High end Society: - Dortmund,  5 -    6 November 

New Hifi Show of the High end Society: - Hannover, 26 -  27 November 

21 April 2022