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China is a country full of ancient traditions which used to be known for counterfeits and bad products. These Days Are Over. Rewoned Audio - Hifi manaufacturers develop new audio - hifi devices and then have them produced in China, of course under strict controls to ensure quality. There is now a large group of Chinese manufacturers who with the knowledge and experience gained, have moved on their own Audio - hifi Equipment where Quality comes first, good specifications and a beaytiful finish.

Keep this in mind if you are looking for your new Audio - Hifi equipment



D A R E D  A U D I O

D - Dignifed

A - Artistic

R - Reliable

E - Elegant

D - Decent

J A S  Audio

Jungson Audio Science & Technology Co. Ltd. - Guangdong

Listen & Co - Ming Da Italy

L U M I N is a trademark of Pixel Magic Systems Ltd.

Meixing by Ming Da

Muzishare Audio

QAT Audio Technology

Chaoyang District

Beijing - China

Shanling A 3.2: This is really something special, 4 models to choose - 2 x 200 W / 8 Ohm - 2 x 400 W / 4 Ohm - 500 W / 8 Bridge  Stereo Integrated Amplifier,Pure Power Amplifier, Mono Integrated Amplifier and Mono Pure Power Amplifier                                       The productprice in US Dollar is 1.325,- So the European price will be around € 1.790,- 

Foshan ShuangMu SanLin Electronics Co.Ltd.




Chengdu XINDAK Electronics Co.Ltd.

Chengdu, Sichuan - China



12 maart 2021