StereoWise: Audio - Streaming Info

What is Audio - Streaming ?

This is a way ( technique ) that we use today to watch and listen to Television, Movies and last but not least Music.

This technology comes to us via the Internet. The advantage of this is that we can decide for ourselves where, when and how we are going to Watch or Listen. To do this we use a Streaming service.

There are costs associated with these streaming services, the amount of these costs is determined by the package you purchase, whereby with music you can also choose standard or now a days in very high quality.

The most common and well-known streaming services are: Spotify, Apple Airplay, Tidal, Qubuzz, Deezer and Amazon. Through these providers you can actually listen to tens of millions of songs unlimited and don't forget the thousands of Internet radio stations worldwide with all music styles.

Audio Music Streamer

To be able to use these services you need a Streamer, there is a very large choice from very cheap ( € 150,- ) to prices where you can buy a very nice car ( € 50.000,- ), To give you an idea take a look on my site by Sources and scroll down till you see StereoWise; Music - Streamers. this already gives a good overview.

Nowadays, however, there are also very good Integrated Amplifiers in which you can place a Module that acts as a streamer, a very well-known one is NAD, especially their new NAD M 33 Intergated Amplifier.

When choosing the Streaming Method, it is good to see what is optimal for you, there are quite a few options such as streaming via BlueTooth, Wifi or via Internet cable, a good Audio - Hifi specialist can advice you in this.Which is also very handy is to enjoy your music buy a separate Tablet and create playlists on it.


23 juli 2021