StereoWise: Listening to Loudspeakers

Tip One 1.a : If you are planning to buy new loudspeakers, it is important to make a number of choices in advance. Do you choose a monitor speaker or a standing model. In addition, it is important to determine a budget. Often the appearance of the loudspeaker is also looked at, but a loudspeaker that looks fantastic, but does not sound, it does not make you happy. Once you have determined these basic steps,the most important thing comes, the appointment in the store of your choice.


Tip One 1.b : Always bring your own music, choose about 8 to 10 songs, ranging from pop, classical, vocal and instrumental, this gives you the opportunity to hear the different aspects. Keep in mind, if you are going to listen at an audio - hifi store ( specialist ) that the listening room in question can be acoustically adapted and this can therefore differ from your own living room. In addition, there is often also an ideal sitting position. The so-called listening triangle. 


It is important and not to be forgotten that there are differences in the music you listen to, whether it comes from the old vinyl record, the more modern CD or are you listening to an audio streaming service in high quality.

Nowadays a good audio - hifi store also offer you the possibility to listen to the speakers of your choice at home in your own living room, this gives you the opportunity to listen at your leisure and see if you have made the right choice. Suppose you already have the right pair of speakers and you are looking for a suitable amplifier, the it is easier to connect the amplifier at home and you do not have to lug your speakers around.


Tip One 1.c : Also remember that it is no problem at all if you cannot decide in one go. The purchase of speakers is an important choice for both your ears and your wallet. In an audio - hifi store you have a limited listening time and the conditions are never ideal. Don't forget that the right purchase will give you years of listening pleasure.

6 september 2021