StereoWise: Loudspeaker - AEquo Audio

AEquo Audio Stilla: An incredible detailed, full - range and non - fatiguing listening experience with an unbelievable deep and Holographic soundstage. Thats what the Stilla is all about.  Slim, Elegant, Powerful and Complete.

AEquo Audio Stilla Hybride - € 17.999,-  #  AEquo Audio Stilla Fully Active - € 19.999,-

AEquo Audio loudspeakers are made in the Netherlands with great care in the finish, and details with the Ultimate goal of letting you as an Audio - Hifi enthusiast. Enjoy music at the highest level.

AEquo Audio Ensis Hybride - € 26.499,-  #  AEquo Audio Ensis Fully Active - € 29.499,-

coming soon AEquo Audio ADAMANTIS

AEquo Audio ADAMANTIS - € 00.000,-

All those Passive loudspeaker lovers seeking for deep - sea bass, a wide open transparent sound, and densely palpable projections in an extended full - venue landscape, have to look no further. They will be in for a Bold, Thrilling, and never Fatiguing experience, in which they will be fully transported to the venue of the recording. A Powerhouse of a loudspeaker with performance potential never before possible at this price point.

Groundbreaking - a NANO - glimpse of what is coming

21 December 2021